Advertising in Calgary!

Rediscover Calgary uses Adobe Reader to advertise and help consumers find your business all over the city.

What we do


Rediscover Calgary utilizes Adobe Reader which is a free service to download on all your devices.

A link to Adobe Reader for PC is provided above.

Adobe Reader can be found in your app store for Apple or Google Play for Android.

Easy to use.

The easy to use interface provides a simple and efficient way of finding what people are looking for in Calgary. Features such as: Night vision, notes and a search for any businesses or street names. 

No internet required

Rediscover gets customers to your front door, without the need for internet after initial download. Detailed maps and links gives the consumer easy access to useful information. No WiFi or data is used to access our information, once the program is downloaded onto your device it no longer needs internet access to work, all the information is right at your fingertips!

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